Your Sender Reputation: How Not To Spoil It Forever

Spam complaints are not the only factor that affects your sender reputation. There are other factors such as a bounce rate and sending to invalid email addresses which do matter too.about your list hygiene. People may change their email addresses with time. So, the email they subscribed to your list may no longer be valid. If you don’t provide your subscribers with an easy way to update their profile with you, you are likely to end up with many invalid emails in your database.You know a certain bounce rate (1-2%) from an email campaign is acceptable. But if you suddenly start generating a much higher bounce rate, this jump puts the ISPs on the guard and they start watching closer at your email sending activity. If your bounce rate doesn’t come to normal after a few mailings, you’re on a straight way to pass for a “bad guy” with ISPs and get your future emails blocked.

Monitoring bounced emails is as much important as watching over spam complaints. An easy way to collect bounces is to setup an Bulk Send Tron Tokens  account like bounced@* and enter this email as a “return email address” in the Account settings in your email marketing software. Thus, bounces will automatically be directed to that email account and won’t be mixed with your regular mail. Then, you check your bounce account after each email campaign, record invalid addresses and remove them from your list.

Continuous sending to inactive/spam trap email addresses

It’s about your list quality. How did you obtain email addresses? Harvested on the Internet? Purchased or rented? Buying or harvesting emails and sending to them without permission is a sure way to damage your reputation forever. In this article you’ll discover a legitimate way to build your own opt-in list of valid email addresses which is completely free.What is the threat behind shared email lists? It’s what I’ve just talked about. You risk generating many spam complaints as those people don’t know you, and many bounces if you don’t verify the list for validity. And there is one more trap behind rented/purchased lists.

You know some ISPs continue accepting messages sent to abandoned and not used email accounts. Such accounts are called spam trap emails. It’s assumed that no one should email at those addresses. Any message sent to a spam trap address is treated as spam. Continuous emailing at spam trap accounts is not the way a good marketer should behave.Your sender reputation with the ISPs can change with time. As you see it’s quite easy to spoil a good reputation by changing email practices such as start sending without permission or start sending too often and generate many spam complaints and bounces.From the other side, you can rehab your damaged reputation if you show that you improved your email sending practices and your emails involve positive actions from the recipients like opens and clicks instead of spam complaints.