In Times of Need, Should I Get Cash For My Gold?

Times are tough right now. The current recession has caused millions of people to lose their jobs in 2008, with the unemployment rate rising to 7.6 percent in January. Many people are trying to save money any way they can, whether it be driving less to save money on gas or not eating out. Unfortunately, sometimes saving doesn’t cut it, so people are looking for other ways to get some extra cash.

The price of gold is at record highs, going 소액결제 for $31.52 per gram and seems to be rising. Recently I have seen many commercials on television and advertisements on the internet saying you can send in your unwanted gold jewelry for cash. I was a little curious and also skeptical on this concept, so I decided to research this way of getting some quick cash.

In order to sell your gold jewelry for cash, you normally need to follow three steps:

1. Request your gold jewelry return kit by completing a form online or calling the company’s toll free number.

2. Place your gold jewelry in the pre-paid envelope they provide and mail it back to the company.

3. After your material is processed, the company will either send you a check or deposit your money into your checking account within 24 hours.

These “mail in your gold jewelry for cash” companies usually will guaranty against loss of the total contents properly shipped to them, but of course certain conditions apply. If you are dissatisfied with the amount you received, or if you change your mind about selling your jewelry, some companies will return your jewelry within 10 days of the date on the check they sent you. Some companies allow you to track the status of your order by using an online feature, which provides you instant access to their database.

Of course there are other ways to receive cash for your gold material. Pawnshops and jewelers will buy your gold for resale, but the value for your gold can vary from store to store. Since some companies buy gold jewelry for refining and not for resale, their prices are based solely on the weight and karat grade contained in the gold, not on its potential value if resold intact. Overall, using a “mail in your gold jewelry for cash” service appears to be a good choice in turning your gold jewelry in for cash, both for convenience and cash amount received back.